Clavia Nord Modular :: 330MB Samples Pack!! 75 WAV audio loops, sequencers, bass and effects (FX)

The awesome clavia synthesizer that everybody talks aboutCheck out this sample pack which contains sound samples that I made with and recorded from my Nord Modular synthesizer.

What’s special with this samples pack are the 50 sounds originating  from the awesome sequencer in this synth. And, of course, the powerful bass samples, loops and sequences (including 2 Goa psykick samples). Kick start or fuel-inject your psychedelic trance production with some original analogue hardware sonic magic 🙂

Buy Download €12.23 / Listen sample previews here

All the sounds are Creative Commons Licensed,
which additionally helps with keeping the price down.

Crazy morphed sirene

Analogue Punk sequencer

Goa Sequencer with analogue PsyKick


The samples in this Samples Pack 75 Nord Modular Sounds are both rich in sound and a few as well  in melody.


11 Modular Bass samples (hereof 2 are in the sequencer section)
– Single hits and loops. These basses are ideal for looping or for sampling single notes from. Loads to shoose from.

2 Analogue Goa Psy Kicks
– One 4 kick basic loop and one 8 kick loop with progressively changing frequency (= sample the single kicks and you have 8 different psykicks)

16 Effect sounds:
– Manually performed arpeggios as well as machine created FX

50 Sequencer like sounds
– Recorded from the very original Nord Modular sequencer. These samples are easy to loop and many of them are very long and last from 20 seconds up to over a minute. The sound (or music) in longer files changes progressively during that time.

Listen to previews  of the samples (in mp3 192kb resolution)
– Just go to this page in Qubenzis Download Store, where the Nord Samples Pack is available for only 12.23 Euro, direct download. Paypal and most cards accepted.  Enjoy!


QPA's Clavia Nord Samples Pack.

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