Alien Reptile Ohm :: T-shirts and Hoodies!

Alien Reptile Ohm t-shirts and Hoodies

T-shirts and hooded sweaters are now also designed.

The alien reptile theme is till to this day a very current subject. Plenty of ’em around for the moment. Increased flying saucers spotted world wide. Haven’t you seen them too? Clustering in strange places? And the funny part is the visitors seem to dig psychedelic trance music… big time! Hey, wake up… here comes another one.


New Hooded sweater and t-shirts designs

can always be found in Alienselection Psy Prints Store. Check out the different themes. More designed t-shirts on coming.

Search no more! Alien freaky head designs for the ET specialists. Use in parties and further. Every single sale supports Qubenzis Psy Audio’s music production. Images and designs are coming from the graphics created for the QPA psychedelic music project. ALIENSELECTION is an initiative created with the specific object to enlarge the selection of products (and merchandize) related to the ongoing music production.

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