Alien Stomping Through Town – Complete Song info and player with full length track!

<a href="">Alien Stomping Through Town by Qubenzis Psy Audio</a>

Song Name: Alien Stomping Through Town
Artist: Qubenzis Psy Audio
From album: Subsequent Resonance
Track no: 2
Style: Psytrance, Full On
Bpm: 144
Time: 08:05
Video: Alien Stomping Through Town Video | Youtube

Alien Stomping Through Town is track no. 2 on the Subsequent Resonance album created by QPA. Full On party mood. Merciless high end solo sound. Kind of a melodic bass line. Notice that the sound quality in the player is only 128kbps mp3. To enjoy the proper high end of Alien Stomping FLAC or WAV audio formats is recommended.

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