Another Interesting personality – Steve “Kush” Kushner – a brief encounter but then a good friend of Qubenzis

Steve KushnerRich (Pre Qubenzis era) had the honor to meet this self acclaimed Archiver of Poetry. Already then (1987) his collection of written material, pictures, film and sound recordings was immense. Many of the big names covered.

Rich even used to drive him out to occasional poetry lectures held in universities in the Bay Area of San Francisco. He then mounted his recording equipment to record yet another addition to his ever growing library of world poetry.

He had pictures of every single South Pacific Chief on the wall of his archive, office living space (Hawaiian Chiefs, Honolulu etc.). This man impressed with his knowledge and spontaneous serenades held whenever there was an assembly of people. Whether they where willing to listen or not he used to recite poetry to people lined up in the street on their way entering a cinema or waiting for a bus to arrive. Bless you “KUSH”, a living poetry experience not to forget in a lifetime.

Steve “Kush” Kushner is still lecturing and can be seen and heard in the S.F. Bay area. Check these links:

| San Francisco Public Library | The Gary Sneider Papers |

| “Buried Memories” |

Kush (Steven Kushner) [San Francisco street poet; runs Cloud House; publisher of Blake Times. ‘San Francisco is home to one of the largest and most renowned poetry archives in the world. Where? Well, right now it’s in some guy’s apartment It makes sense that a collection of materials related to beat generation poetry calls San Francisco its hom…”(Quote)

One thought on “Another Interesting personality – Steve “Kush” Kushner – a brief encounter but then a good friend of Qubenzis

  • Lewis Ellingham says:

    I’m having a book launch at The Canessa Gallery in San Francisco, Wednesday, December 16th, 7:30PM for “The Birds & Other Poems.” I’d be glad to see you there. -Lew Ellingham

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