Super CD Deal! Only $6 for Meta Dawn – Total Disclosure Demanded!

Meta Dawn Cover Art. CD Jewel Case. Psytrance!Buy the Meta Dawn hard JEWEL CASE CD!! Psychedelic Trance music by QPA. Nothing really beats this offer! It’s the CHEAPEST and also the BEST Sound Quality OPTION.

We got down the sales price to only 6 usd (less than 5 eur). This beats all other options for buying the album, especially from sound quality point of view (DJ’s in mind…).

Now we proudly ship the CD with it’s 4 colour printed cover art in Jewel Hard Case to most locations worldwide for less than 12 usd (about 10 eur) . ┬áSince the CD is printed on demand it takes a few days for dispatch, but it’s worth it.

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CD Disc Label - Meta DawnMeta Dawn – Total Disclosure Demanded.

Stream entire album from here
Web Player (
LAST.FM (Full songs stream)

Free album in mp3 (128 192kb mp3)

Buy CD for superior audio quality. Sponsor FREE music and get some kick ass psytrance for your party! Enjoy! Boom Namaste!
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