Crystal Skull Records :: DJ & Producer, Unhinged

Screenshot - Crystal Skull RecordsCrystal Skull Records

A psychedelic trance music project started by dj/producer Unhinged, who is known for the Crystal Skull Dance Rituals which consists of 12 hour long dj sessions in the presence of LOvE, a human sized energized quarts crystal skull replica originating from Madagascar.

The style is mixed. Some is dark influenced psychedelic trance, from more intensive (high bpm) to dark chill (low bpm). And a few tracks are clearly inspired by progressive trance.

Unhinged’ crisp mastering offers a very clear sound experience. As clear as it can get with the lousy mp3 flash player offered on the site. But at least all tracks are complete length which invites for a nice streaming session of almost one hour. Enjoy!

Visit and listen to the player with latest tracks published by Unhinged. Enjoy!


Also: If you ever hear anything about an official release by Crystal Skull Records please comment here below

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