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Psychedelic music by Cyborg. Get your promo copy free! Now!

Cyberdelia .::|::. Cyborg Music

Cyberdelia is a collection of songs created by Cyborg Music during 2012 and 2013. The EP name “Cyberdelia” is inspired by all musicians and producers within the Internet psychedelic music movement. As usual Cyborg brings us through an imaginative sonic landscape consisting of mind bending synthesizer tweaks with psytrance inspired (psy) kick-drum beats. This music is as much for listening as well as for dancing.

EP Info
Duration: 39:19
Tracks: 5
Tempo (all songs): 145 bpm
Style: Psychedelic Trance inspired

Track list
01 – 07.13 Music Dimension (ProtoTrip-Ver.2)
02 – 08.16 Three Days Without Sleep (Ver. 2)
03 – 07.56 Lucid Steps into Aquarius (Ver,3)
04 – 07.54 Night Apple
05 – 08.00 Urban Interference

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Psychedelic music by Cyborg. Get your promo copy free! Cyberdelia By Cyborg Music

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