DJ Set by Biofa! 1 hour Morning Full On Psytrance recorded at the Connection Festival 2013

dj-set by Biofa (BR)

Dj set created by Biofa (Namaha Recs/Sindar)

Once again Biofa delivers a solid psytrance experience bringing you hot summer festival vibes. Recorded at last years Connection Festival, an annual psychedelic trance gathering held in south of Spain.

You can stream the full recording on this page, right here below. This dj set also includes the playlist

Biofa on the web




  1. Mind of Its Own by Lucas O’Brien
  2. The Fortress by Spirit Architect
  3. The Voice by Ultravoice
  4. Roadrunner by Lucas & Avalon Remix
  5. Beyond Good and Evil by Juggling
  6. 96 by 1200 Mics
  7. Wake up by Tristan, Wayo
  8. Cosmic Ray by BLOCK DEVICE
  9. Ganesha Namah by Mad Maxx
  10. Acess Point by Sidhartha
  11. Time Warp Guitar mix feat. jon Klein by Space Tribe

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