Launch for Lanсtus! New debut Album from Delirious Noon (Ru). Free full length Promo song! Buy CD


Debut Album from Delirious Noon (Ru)

Vertigo Records presents a debut album of Delirious Noon – fresh morning sound from Russia.

Delirious Noon is another, lighter side of the dark-trance artist Nikolai Golutvin – aka Furious. He previously released a few tracks on the Vertigo’s compilation albums “25th Frame” and “Omnipresence”.

Album Name: Launch for Lanсtus
Album Style: Full On morning psychedelic trance with twirling melodies, floating grooves and powerful bass-lines. Excellent mastering and high quality production. As Delirious Noon Nikolai found an artistic expression in making morning psytrance as well as dark-trance night music.

Free promotional full song:
Reality Gliders ( free mp3 / free wav )
Can also be found on:

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Track list:

1. Delirious Noon and Whoop – Baraka
2. Delirious Noon – New Energy
3. Delirious Noon – Great
4. Delirious Noon – Quasar
5. Delirious Noon – Tripping Queen Bell
6. Delirious Noon – Power Moves
7. Delirious Noon – String Art
8. Delirious Noon feat Whoop da Charlottka – Halo
9. Delirious Noon feat Whoop – Reality Gliders ( free mp3 / free wav )

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