L.U.A records – Offers studio, distribution, replication. Connects with the world of psychedelic, dark and progressive trance

Screenshot-LUA recordsL.U.A Records (UK) directs itself to promotion of talented music producers around the globe. They offer optional services like downloads and CD replication for Independent artists and digital labels. L.U.A.R. are open to different music projects with their strength established within psytrance-, dark- progressive-trance and similar… Closely connected with Trance Moon Internet radio and forum where L.U.A.R also get the music promoted.

>> Studio
>> Distribution
>> Connections
Internet Presence
>> CDs Duplication and Replication (10 to 500 CD’s including Box, covers print, inlays, CD body inject Print and Package.)
The Trance Links Exchange
Trance search Engine (Google CSE built for trance)

Some releases:
V/A- Psykick – Limited Edition of 100 CDs distributed underground to Japan, Brazil, Portugal, Spain, US, UK and sold on Internet. Mp3 or wav file can be downloaded here

Shivaz Project “Trishula” – Produced by Shivaz Project (Ukraine). The style is Tribal, Ritual and Cosmic Trance. Also distributed underground to Ukraine, Portugal, Spain, France, US & UK. This CD can be found at Wirikuta Shop & Here and on most Digital download music shops.

NERO “Psychotic Romaniac” 6 track EP CD – Production Joao de Menezes, Nero (Portugal). Master by Mark at SoundMagus Studio. Cover Design By Fred (UK). Edited by L.U.A Records The “NERO” CD is exclusively sold at Wirikuta shop (Austria). Track List and samples can also be viewed here (on qubenzis.com)

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