Medusa Records! Full-On electronic music. Quality production of new and established talent!

Medusa Records LogoMedusa Records

Established: Greece in 2006.
Offices: Salvador de Bahia (Brazil) since beginning of 2007.
Quest: To promote talented upcoming artists from all over the globe. Exploring new frontiers in musical ideas. And also to spread releases and live acts by well known international and national artists representing the current electronic ‘full-on’ electronic music scene

Web site: | The Medusa Records website |
Frequent weekly upadates. All the official Medusa label artists and djs can be found on the site. On the site one can find discographies and booking info.

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Medusa’s ARTISTS
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JP (a.k.a. Joao Paulo)
NEUROMOTOR (Frederick-Ali Talaa and Patrick Vogel)
Blanka (a.k.a. Dubi Elkayam)
Painkiller ( a.k.a Roy Engel)
Beyondecliptica (a.k.a. Marko Radovanovic)
System Brothers (a.k.a. Ata & Hie Petillo)
Inner Action (a.k.a. Nitsan Shachaf)
Psyche Logos (a.k.a. Cassio Centurion)
Bio Genesis (a.k.a. Mikeldi Murguia & Carlos Perez)
Xenzodiak (a.k.a. Albert Xenzo)
Twisted ReAction (a.k.a. Edvin Alperavitch)
Single Dose (a.k.a. Felipe Eduardo Moya)
HYT (a.k.a. Henry T.)
Artsense (a.k.a. Vladislav Malkov)
Decerto (a.k.a. Kostas Denegris)
FreakFactory (a.k.a. Rudney & Raone)

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