Xen Breaks beat

Xen Breaks – Break Beat / Experimental / Techno. Album created 2005 by Qubenzis. CD and Download links

Though transgressed by the new music production created by Q.P.A this ‘old’ album has a few highlights and original ideas. On this page are CD and preview links. This album was an experiment with highlights like the songs called ‘Perceptional Enhancer’ (Break Beat) and ‘Xen Zoo'(Techno like).

Subsequent Resonance :: QPA :: 66 min, 8 track Album :: Psychedelic Trance

New album released by Qubenzis Psychedelic Audio. 66 min, 8 tracks kick butt Psychedelic Trance. The style ranges from Dark chill to Full On Psy Trance. Find out more from this page. Including where to listen, download and BUY the album. And check out the CD Jewel Hard case special irresistible offer. Enjoy!

New Dark psytrance Album! POSSESSED BY NATURE by KRONO PSY. Label: L.U.A-Records

New Dark release from LUA Records. Listen previews. Krono psy is now working in collaboration with some of the scene most innovative labels, Skitzophrenik LifeForm Records, twisted Minds Records, Trance Moon and Scared Evil Records to name a few, and has also started his own label, Insane Chaos Circuit .