Loop – Progressive Psytrance Sample. Basic lopp of beat 146bpm. With weird percussion. Free to grab under Creative Commons license. Lossless audio WAV

Progressive Psychedelic Trance Loop. Basic beat, 146bpm. From the song called Resistance Is Futile. Licensed Creative Commons. Lossless audio WAV. Compressed and mastered. Created by Qubenzis Psy Audio electronic music production. Free Download.

Free download sample loop. Synth human voice effect with space harp. Ambient Weird Beauty! ‘Ethnic wonder’. Lossless wav file.

Ethnic Wonder is an ambient Sound effect suited for electronic and psychedelic trance music production. Created with a Nord Modular synthesizer. Free to download under Creative Commons Lisence.

Sample – ‘Floating Groove’ Synthesizer FXSound. Free download WAV Loop. (FX49)

Floating Groove Psychedelic Synthesizer audio loop. This arpeggio like sound is difficult to explain without listening to. Lossless free to download WAV file. Creative Commons + 1.0 Licensed. Was used psychedelic music production by Q.P.A. Could be utilized for other types of music too.

Sample – ‘Blippy Scratch’ Synthesizer sound. Free download WAV Loop. (FX47)

Synthesizer audio loop with a ‘Blippy’ touch to it. Need to hear it as it’s difficult to explain the sound. It’s a lossless WAV file free to download and Creative Commons + 1.0 Licensed. I used it in Psytrance music production but can be used for any type of music as an effect.