NERO “Psychotic Romaniac” 6 track EP CD – Production Joao de Menezes, Nero (Portugal) – Psychedelic Trance


NERO “Psychotic Romaniac” 6 track EP CD –
Production: Joao de Menezes, Nero (Portugal).
Master by: Mark at SoundMagus Studio.
Cover Design By Fred (UK):
Edited by L.U.A Records
The “NERO” CD is exclusively sold at Wirikuta shop (Austria).

Track List – Listen to samples

Nero Claudius Cesar
Big Boom
Run Cause Daddy is Coming
Control the Machine
Hello (
) Joao de Menezes Nero, is a Portuguese Producer with many influences in music styles and have been producing music for 12 years. Following the Psy Trace scene and guide by Full on and Psy, Nero notice the urgency to make music with the basic ideology of the Parties. Funny Samplers, Twisted base lines and working with sounds designed to make you dance , whatever is your mood, state or musical preferences.

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