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Nord Modular sound effect

Just a few fun sounds. Nothing special really except for the joy of hearing emulated reality sounds reproduced by an analogue frequency modulator. The chainsaw sound is based on a preset given by Clavia Nord Modular, makers of the Nord Modular synthesizers. And the last track called "He’s already here" is an old production from way back where the clavia nord was used for both bass and many lead sounds.

Unfortunately the audio files for download on this page are in low mp3 quality only.

Download MP3 | Acceleration (Nrd)

Download MP3 | Idle (Nrd)

Download MP3 | Ambient minimal kick (Nrd kick)

Download MP3 | He’s Already Here (old chill track w. nord leads n bass sounds)

Nord Sample Pack

Nord Modular Samples Pack! 75 Samples 330 MB created with a hardware Clavia Nord Modular synthesizerCheck out this sample pack with loads of Nord sounds recorded directly from the hardware synthesizer. Available in qubenzis download store.

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One thought on “Chainsaw FX Sound Sample :: Nord Modular Synthesizer. Free Samples

  • Psy Audio QPA says:

    I tweaked, minimally, a Nord preset that comes with the synth. And I haven’t back engineered the actual patch.
    If you have an analogue, modular, synth I guess experimenting with a hard Sawtooth LFO on an Oscillator generated tone might give results. Another way could be a Step-tone-generator on a sequenced (within the synth) percussive sound. The revving I made by changing the tempo on the sequencer. Hope this can help you a bit in understanding the inner works :-).

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