Perpetual Propulsion Earth! Psychedelic, Goa inspired Track by QPA. MP3 192kbps!

Perpetual Propulsion Cover Art. Based on 3D image created by Alahuin

Perpetual Propulsion Earth

is a fairly "old" track . Written 2008, released in the beginning of 2009 and remain as one of the favorites here on Now available right here on this page. Please login / Register (free) before downloading.

  • Song Name: Perpetual Propulsion Earth
  • DJ: Qubenzis Psy Audio
  • Style: Psychedelic/ Goa inspired Trance
  • Time: 10:47 minutes
  • Tempo: 145 bpm
  • Cover Art: Alahuin
  • File Type: mp3, 192kbps, 44.1Mhz/16bit


Play the full track right here

Also listen here


When you use you can hear Perpetual-Propulsion-Earth on this page

6 thoughts on “Perpetual Propulsion Earth! Psychedelic, Goa inspired Track by QPA. MP3 192kbps!

  • Qubenzis Psy Audio has made Perpetual Propulsion:Earth it’s “sonic playground”, truly a rewarding listening experience.

  • Janna says:

    Such a great exp to listen it. Very nice

  • norbert says:

    sory i just start to make musik4
    the psy kick waw when i put in my fl studio sond diferent like frekvenci

    • QPA says:

      Hi Norbert,
      To little data to make a comment on your problem.

      What about the ‘FL Kick-Maker’ (I think it’s called)?
      It’s the built in plugin that comes with FL 8. It’s great
      for making nice Psy Kicks.

      You may also try the FREE Teragon Kick Maker VST

  • goldtutch says:

    finding this music is a dream come true ! the fattest shit ive ever heard Q.P.A you hav a new biggest fan in new zealand and your about to hav a whole lot more I THINK THIS MUSIC IS JUST PERFECT no boring bits and dark . Thanks from the twisted planet crew muriwai beach

    • QPA says:

      Hey, thanx! Then I think you’ll like the new tracks I have on coming..
      They’ll make this track sound kind of dull (in my opinion). I’ll inform
      you when they are available in 3rd density.


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