[Psy Beat WAV] Basic Loop extracted from Final Chakra! Free download Audio!(FC02)

Free Psy Beat
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Content: Sound file, 16Bit/44.1Mhz/.WAV
Label: Psy Beat FC02
Music Style: High, snappy kick. Flanged Nord arpeggio. No bass! Similar to FC01 and also a sample from an unpublished version of the song Final-Chakra by QPA
Use for: Electronic dance beat production mainly for genres like psytrance, Goa or perhaps Dark trance (increase the tempo..). You decide. Additionally I suggest boosting the low frequencies in this sample. Like around 50hz up to 90hz, depending of what frequencies your bass will cover.
Produced by: Qubenzis Psy Audio

Licensed: Creative Commons Sampling + 1.0

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Click this player and listen to the Loop (mp3 192kbps)

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