Psykick WAV! Original version! Free to download Psy Kick

Compressed Psy Kick, Biohazard Symbol

Psykick WAV!

Free download lossless audio file (44.1Khz/16bit/wav). This sample is professional quality. Can be used for recording of psychedelic trance and techno like music. The essence of good psytrance is a hard and well compressed Psy Kick. Please login before trying to download. Enjoy!

psy-kick.wav info

= 65Hz punch and the high end sloping down towards 6000Hz. This kick is bright and snappy. I call it the ‘original’ since I’ve done nothing to it (since I found it on a forum).

And, not to forget, pitch the kick a few steps up or down to suit the basic tuning of your track; then fine tune it with the Equalizer. If it crashes with the bass wedge the eq (like a very narrow “V”) on the bass around 65hz (the exact frequency depends on your final choice of EQ and tuning of the psy-kick).


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Also check out this page (on this site), where I also posted the free kick WAV samples.


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