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QPA News! 30.07.2011 | Read Online

1) Nord Samples Pack
2) Free Loops and samples
3) Reminder of the 42 Loops Mini Pack

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Name of this release is Alien Shift. Music created by Qubenzis Psy Audio

Hello there,

Again thanx for staying with the QPA News newsletter. This short issue closes this month with a few new free samples and, additionally, the latest samples pack with sounds exclusively recorded with my old work horse, the Clavia Nord Modular synth. I hope you will like the sounds as much as I do.



330 MB!! Sounds, loops, sequencers & effects. The main bulk (50) are various sequencer WAVs that easily can be incorporated into psychedelic (and other genres) electronic music production. Notice that many of the recorded sequencers are fairly long (over a minute) as I recorded the progressively changing sound – Preview over 50 sounds here

EUR 12.23 ($17.52) BUY + INFO

3.00 Euro Discount Code: NORDDISC01
(valid 1 time per user, until 31 Dec 2011)

QPA Psychedelic trance NEWS

New album by qpa
Clavia Nord Samples

The Subsequent Alien Space Stomping Hippie Species.
Buy FLAC, WAV, Mp3


New Free Psy Samples
[WAV 44.1Khz / 16bit]

All downloads can also be found here
(dates = posts are activated)

Samples (from the 75 Nord Samples pack)

Bass Arpeggio Called "Punk Arpeggio"

FX Sample Astral Traffic Jam (Noize)
FX Sample Melodic Drone (07/31)
Sequencer Analogue Punk, 120bpm (08/02)
Sequencer Live like Bell Perc, 146bpm (08/04)
Sequencer Frog Prog Sequencer 144bpm (08/06)
Psykick Progressive Goa kick (03/08)
Bass Sample Sequenced Bass 146bpm (07/08)
Sequencer Goa Arpeggio with psykick

Meta Dawn :: Total Disclosure Demanded

Mega Sample Pack2011. Psychedelic trance production kit


Mini Psytrance production loop kit with the latest sounds created by QPAMini samples pack with some absolutely fresh loops production (earlier this month). Many of the tracks which the samples are extracted from are still on the drawing board. All samples can be previewed in mp3 from this page.

42 Psy-Loops Mini Samples Pack 6.59 euro! Includes a few fat bass loops, 2 psy kick loops and more.

1,50 Euro Discount Code: 42SMPK1DIS
Can be used 1 time, valid until 31 Dec 2011

Mini Samplepack 30 Psykicks.
Psykicks Sample-pack

Trance Moon Psychedelic Trance Internet Radio
Psy Radio
 | Dark Radio

If you mainly listen to QPA’s music (not a producer) please have patience. More tracks are on the way, some for free. Just stay connected and you’ll be informed soon enough :-)

I wish you an awesome and psychedelic (= mind expanding) summer,

Ricky .::QPA::.

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