Flotin Flotin by Psy Ras – Stream the full 1 hour dj mix right here. Enjoy!

The psy elfFlotin Flotin by Psy Ras!

Another great psychedelic trance mix. This time a bit slower bpm (from 140 to 145) and emphasis on floating tunes, almost progressive psytrance. A set perhaps fitting for the morning or daytime at the festivals? You decide. Check the play list below and sponsor the artists if you can. Booom Namaste.



Unknown 1
Why- By Journey 2
Fluid – By Loki 3
Why – By Journey 4
Unknown 5
Human Modern – By Telepatic 6
Copal- By Ital 7
Spiritual Particles – By Cosmotech 8
Unknown 9
Eightsawz (original mix) – By Rinkadink 10
Liquid Medium – By La Mila 11

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