Psytrance Album :: Intermezzo Extended – By SubConsciousMind. Free Download!

intermezzo-extended-album-coverNew Album by SubConsciousMind.

On you can listen to previews and read more about how he made this album. There one can  find more and very detailed info about SubConsciousMind, his psytrance production that includes more albums and mixes.

This excellent production is also released on, the free psytrance net label.

Name: Intermezzo Extended
Artist: SubConsciousMind (aka Raphael Huber)
Style: Psychedelic Trance, Progressive, Melodic, Goa
Format: WAV, MP3, FLAC
Free Download: | Intermezzo Ext

Track List:

  1. 145 bpm – 08:40 – Unpredictalizer
  2. 142 bpm – 09:40 – Essenz
  3. 145 bpm – 10:44 – Hector The Dark
  4. 145 bpm – o9:43 – MyMusic
  5. 145bpm – 09:30 – (Out-In)Side
  6. 143 bpm – 11:44 – Past be Past
  7. 145 bpm – 10:04iRemberem oGa

(Quote from )
Intermezzo Extended is the latest full-length release from SubConsciousMind (Raphael Huber), a self-made Swiss artist with an original approach to composing next-level psychedelic dance music. While it masterfully captures the essence of the classic Goa trance sound, this album transcends mere nostalgia by shaping the spirit of the past into something new and completely unique.

The seven songs that form Intermezzo Extended are primed to launch the listener on an epic journey into visionary dimensions of sound seething and shimmering with complex melodies, irresistible rhythms, and raw emotional depths. With powerful storytelling and an uncommon degree of musicality SubConsciousMind has forged a modern-day gem straight from the heart. Turn up the volume and prepare yourself for an authentic experience of boundless creativity!

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