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A big welcome to you and especially if you are new and joined during Aug / Sep, since the last newsletter. I can hardly believe it but now we are over 10330 who registered with qubenzis.com. And for the moment Q.P.A. is No. 1 on the Reverbnation Charts for Electronic Dance Music, Spain. These statistics are only possible because of your awesome support. Thank you for all the likes, shares, downloads, comments, occasional donations and, of course, for listening and using the music

Gibraltar Remix (N.C.P. Records)

Since the last newsletter I produced a few new tracks. One song is a 90bpm, heavy Dub beat (Dubstep inspired). I really hope you like it. And, as usual, your comments are more than welcome.

Remember to check out N.C.P. Records if you like downbeat, dubstep, chill step, grime basses, ethnic sounds and similar.

Listen / see the QPA Gibraltar Remix video on qubenzis.com

Listen / see the QPA Gibraltar Remix video on Youtube

Gibraltar Remix by Qubenzis Psy Audio


Inspiration for this track is the old Vedic Vimana scriptures, the remnants of ancient stories (found worldwide) hinting towards a much greater knowledge about our true ancient history of advanced technology and possible space travel.

Listen / see the VIMANA video on qubenzis.com

Listen / see the VIMANA video on Youtube

VIMANA – See it on Youtube. New Full track by Q.P.A.

Human Harvest! Download this psy track from CD Baby or iTunesHuman Harvest (Qubetech.net)This psychedelic track was released as a single on CDBABY (for the moment only as a download) and is now also available in high audio quality in many download stores all over the web. I guess I’ll make a video for this production one day soon. It’s possible to hear Human Harvest in full length on soundcloud.

Listen to Human Harvest on Soundcloud

Download from:
CDBABY: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/qubenzispsyaudio2
iTUNES: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/human-harvest/

Wicked Ganesh - Goa Orst EP-Alien Inspiration
Alien Inspiration EP Cover
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Alien Face Lift 2012
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Meta Dawn
Album Cover - Alien Face Lift 2012
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