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This is an update on the latest activities on the Qubenzis Psy Audio web site. Enjoy..

Two new songs and a few new cool samples uploaded. Some wicked Psy Bass Wavs. And 2 Break Beat loops (extracted from the new version of UfoNaut).

[New Song]
Secret Language
– This song was the result of the natural development that occurred when re-mixing another track called Vital Wavelength. Since I don’t like that song I simply had to either trash it or see if I could do something else with it. Secret Language is not final though, I feel it still can be improved. Comments welcome…

What I did was increasing the tempo from 141bpm to 146bpm plus adding a proper kick. And before I knew it the new song Secret Language started to take shape. I seriously distorted some of the ‘nice’ melody synth sounds (with the VST called ‘Predatohm’ from the Wave Mercury bundle ). Then I remade the bass line, not much though, but more like letting the bass remain in only a few basic harmonies rather than having it change all the time. I think Vital Wavelength was a weak attempt to make ‘Full On’ trance and I’m about to delete it from the web site.

Listen to Secret Language here. From the same page the free 192kbps mp3 version can be downloaded. [login before downloading]

UfoNaut Song Logo image[New Song]
Break Beat version!

Okay, this song keeps spooking me. When I listened to the version that I uploaded last time I found that the kick was slightly distorted (!). Shame on me. I do apologize to them of you who downloaded the song.

However, in the heat of the battle I totally changed the beat of the song into a Full On break-beat. Psytrance meets Break Beat! The structure and instrumentation is basically the same as previously. Now it became a wicked and very funky track that I most probably will pass on to the upcoming album, as is. I don’t dear to touch UfoNaut any more since it keeps ‘slipping’ when I re-master or re-mix the track. The new version can be downloaded or/and listened from on the same page as before:

UfoNaut [Break Beat/ Psytrance] – Free Download/ listen here

[New Samples]
[Psy Bass] Enigma-Punch
[Psy bass] Funky-Chorus
[Psy bass] Ultra-Sub (Crispy and ‘bassy’)
[FX-Synth] Alien Voice-Arpeggio (based on a human like Nord Modular sound patch)
[FX-Synth] Ethnic (Electronic Human Voice and weird ‘electro harp
[Psy-Kick] FX sweep (Psy Kick loop with a frequency sweep recorded onto it)

[New Loops]
[Break Beat] Loop 01 UfoNaut with-bass-13sec (with deep kick sound)
[Break Beat] Loop 02 Basic. No bass 10sec (with deep kick sound)

Cheers and Boom,


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