QPA NEWS :: 10.12.10

QPA News! 10.12.10
This is the updated online version of the newsletter I mailed out to
Qubenzis.com’s registered users 10.12.10.
1) Album Release
2) Site News

New Album Release

Subsequent Resonance Album cover

Subsequent Resonance

The latest album by QPA. 66 min, 8 tracks solid psytrance. The style
ranges from Dark chill to Full On Psychedelic Trance. This is about
what happened a very long time ago when scientists mixed the genes
from the Alien green species with a hairy stomping mammal’s. Enjoy!

Album data
Name: The Subsequent Resonance
Artist: Qubenzis Psy Audio (QPA)
Length: 1 hour 06 min
Tracks: 8
Official Release: Nov 19, 2010
UPC: 3661585490876
Label: EML Recordings
Mastering: QPA (aka Ricky)

Track List
01 – 07:54 146 bpm 5D Vortex
02 – 08:05 144 bpm Alien Stomping Through Town
03 – 06:36 147 bpm Psyconscious Explorer (free promo)
04 – 08:20 143 bpm Beyond Perspective Remix 2010
05 – 07:59 144 bpm Other Intelligence (Psyrobics Remix)
06 – 11:07 145 bpm Perpetual Propulsion Air Remix 2010
07 – 09:33 146 bpm Random Elves
08 – 06:59 142 bpm Technology Follows Consciousness

Stream complete album

Download (FLAC / mp3)

Juno Download (mp3 / WAV)

BUY the CD!!
Jewel Case, 4 colour alien cover art. Only 6$+Shipping,
almost cheaper than downloading the complete album! Paypal + cards

I used Kunaki for a while now and can assure you they deliver a very nice
CD. Usually arriving within one week, worldwide. The perfect gift! Have it sent
directly from Kunaki to a friend you know who loves psychedelic trance music 🙂

Visit QPA on AudiojellyDownload QPA on BeatportDownload QPA on iTunesDownload QPA on Junodownload. WAV and mp3 320kb

Free Download Promo Track (+ more info & download shops)
(192kb MP3, requires free registration with qubenzis.com)

2) Site News. Enjoy!

Qubenzis Psychedelic Audio! A trance experience

Warm greetings to you, from Andalucia, Spain. Right now
(while writing this) it’s 17 C, clear night sky with plenty of stars, and the
sound of some crazy dog barking far away.

META DAWN – This creation of wicked psy beats is
STILL available for free on the web 192kb and 128kb mp3.
(requires free registration with qubenzis.com)
Here: https://qubenzis.com/meta-dawn-psy
I think this album is QPAs best!
Consider downloading at least one of your fav
tracks in a fat and juicy HiFI audio format.
iTunes | Stream full Album free (Buy FLAC/ MP3) | DJTUNES | WAV | CDBaby

(djs in mind… hint hint)
KUNAKI CD Super Deal. Only 6 usd + shipping worldwide. Cost under
10 usd (7.50 Eur) to order within EU. Within US even less. A nice alien gift
Buy the CD Here (sponsor more Free music)

Recovered sounds (off-line since server migration, Aug 2010)
Bass Synth | Deep psy-bass note (51.1Hz). Low freq. punch
Bass Synth | Psy Bass Analogue Sub Punch Bass (50.5Hz)
Loop Break Beat | 141bpm, Break-Beat w. hard Kick. Basic. No bass (BB80)

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That’s almost it for this time
More stuff soon (!) I wish you loads of psychedelic happiness.

Take care of yourself and enjoy some of the great parties during the holidays

Cheers and a big BooOoom

Ricky .:: QPA ::.

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This is the updated online version of the newsletter I mailed out to
Qubenzis.com’s registered users 10.12.10.

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