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This is an update on the latest activities on the Qubenzis Psy Audio web site. Enjoy..
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[New Song]
Perpetual Propulsion – Air, Pyramid Power

This song represent, yet again, a new approach in QPA’s music production which could be called ‘proper’ Psytrance. Why ‘proper’? Well, for once I tried to stick to the rules by not trying to make any weird bass lines, to keep the flow of the song more linear. The result is a serious party psytrance track that is easy to get into, dance friendly. And with some funny and informative (pyramid power…) breaks. The bass sound is the same [Psy Bass Sub] that I uploaded for free download recently. All I did to it was to add a bit more low and high freq to it as well as a tiny bit of stereo chorus (with the Waves VST called Enigma).

My aim is to make (and remix) more songs into this more fluent style and thereby, perhaps, finally, reach a production level that allows for getting more gigs based on QPA’s songs, not ‘only’ as a dj who mostly plays other artists productions.

Listen to Perpetual Propulsion – Air, Pyramid Power here. From the same page the free 192kbps mp3 version can be downloaded. [login before downloading]

[GroundZero Project]

And remember that Groundzeroprojects is a pretty cool dj, producer music social network web site, where you can upload more or less unlimited songs etc. Or if you’re a ‘music junkie’ you’ll find loads of great independent electronic music production to savour. You can read more about it in the QPA News [2]. Or visit the site directly here

And perhaps most important. If You produce electronic music, any genre, Groundzeroprojects offers regular, face to face, competitions where you can show off your latest production master pieces.



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2 thoughts on “QPA News [3] One new song + new psy samples + News

  • Steve says:

    Proper eh? Still some wicked stuff. Still wish there was more percussion, but it’s still pretty driving.

  • Psy Audio QPA says:

    Hi Steve,

    You’re right. And I’m about to remix this song a final time. The tempo will be changed to 145bpm. Louder hihats and cymbals. And perhaps bit more percussion. It did pass my mind that it would fit with some electronic sounding ‘hand drum’, conga/tabla type sound. Thanks for mentioning it.


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