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Spiral Connection Song Cover Art
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Perpetual Propulsion Earth
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Spiral Connection Song Cover Art
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Latest News! Qubenzis Psy Audio web site. Enjoy..

I played some of the new songs on a local psytrance party last month (Dec 2008) organized by the Carismadelic psytrance collective, Spain Malaga (Carismadelic psy Djs are: AE, makako, DjOliveiro, Yarza among others)

Free Psytrance music grin

[Song] Perpetual Propulsion Air [Remix/Remaster] by QPA
[Song] Perpetual Propulsion Earth [Remix] by QPA
[Song] Spiral Connection by QPA
[Album] Isra Forum 10 year Trance Compilation

News: grin

Featured Psytrance Producers:
(From brazil. Full free 20 min dj mix)
The Twin Paradox
(producers of psytrance)
Safi Connection
(New album, intro)
Krono Psy
(New album, LUA)

Other Producers:
Trance, Techno (Free promo songs + intro)

New Samples and Loops: grin

Loss less WAV 1.44Mhz/16bit
[Psy-Beat] 146bpm, No perc.1 kick dbl hit, 8/4 HH
[Psy-Beat] 146bpm, Full On.One dbl hit w. kick
[Psy-Beat] 146bpm, Basic. Kick, Dark bass + 16/4
[Psy-Beat] 146bpm, Full On, Goa Inspired
[Psy-Beat] 144bpm, Also basic. 16/4 bass and HH
[Psy-Beat] 144bpm, As PPG103 but 8/4 HH
[Psy-Beat] 144bpm, Very basic. Kick, Bass, HH
[Full On Beat] 144bpm, ; bass, kick, perc, effects
[Psy Kick] Neo2. Snappy. 80-90Hz
[Tabla Hand Drum] Electronic Percussion, 144bpm,
[Synth FXLoop] NordRack, CronoX3. No perc. Float
[Synth FXLoop] Like FXNCr95 but with perc 144bpm
[Synth FXLoop] Softer Vox like Arpeggio in delay
[Synth FXLoop] Percussive Vox like Arpeggio

UfoAcademy growing on LastFM : grin

QPA on Last FMIf you have time you’re always welcome to visit Q.P.A’s LastFM profile. There I recently started a new Album with the three songs presented above. Until now hardly anyone visited the new album that I knighted “UFOAcademy” (yes, I’m aware of my limited Imagination when it comes to naming my projects). This link goes to QPA UFOAcademy on LastFM

Cheers and Boom,


Qubenzis Psy Audio – https://qubenzis.com

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