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Summary of latest website activity A bunch of

psy beats, a few effect and synth sounds and

at least three new complete songs + one live

recorded psytrance dj mix. Read more below…


I will continue give away complete songs. And post new songs, mixes and samples. The tracks that make it to the album will later be available only as low resolution, perhaps as shortened version 128kb mp3s. So I guess now is the time to grab them for free. However, if you’re a dj and want to play QPA’s tracks on bigger systems I recommend getting the WAV versions for max quality sound.

New, free Download Psytrance music grin

[Song] Psyrobics Other Intelligence

[Final Remix] by QPA

Recently I uploaded the final remix of Psyrobics Other Intelligence. So if you downloaded the song previous to 06 Mars I truly recommend the updated version. Louder and less effects/melody synths. Re-equed the bass (interfered a bit with the kick). Cleaner breaks and transitions etc. Louder hand-drum. Now I’m quite happy with Psyrobics.

[Song] Final Chakra

[Illusive Reality Remix] by QPA

This song was uploaded 12 Feb. so you might already have downloaded it. This is the final version. I don’t know what more to say about this track except that It works. That is, I tried it on my last dj gig and people seemed to enjoy it. It’s tested. Not to dark and not to cheesy/ happy, just in between kind of melodic Full On psytrance.

[Song] Mono Atomic Deception

[Mind Control] by QPA

This song is floating on the almost the same bass line, all through the track. Kind of a voyage through changing moods. Goa inspired psytrance. Perhaps a bit techno feel hidden in song, I don’t know. Judge for yourself if or when you get a moment free to hear it. This song is final.

[Song] Reality Gliders

by Delirious Noon [Russia]

This is the free promo song from the album Launch for Lanсtus. Read more about this morning trance debut album by Delirious Noon (aka Nikolai Golutvin), who is previously known as a dark-trance producer and artist. The song Reality Gliders is absolutely bubbling with energy and melody. A very nice gift from the Label Vertigo Records. Big thanx!

trancemoon logo[DJ Mix] Psy Xray,

1 hour mix by QPA

Tune in to Trancemoon.com Psytrance Radio. The Psy Xray mix will be played 3 times: 15pm, 22pm, 03am (UK time) during the 27’th of Mars. Soon after the broadcast it will be available for Free Download on this page

[DJ Mix] Psymental Live

1 hour Psytrance mix by QPA

Admittedly this isn’t my best psy mix. Though, when I played it live people responded positively. It was a great occasion where everybody danced and had fun. Though, when listening to it at home I heard other things in the sound quality of some of my own songs etc. Things that got a bit obscured by the sheer volume and pumping bass in the bigger system. Full length preview is available on the download page. Some of the tracks in this mix are also in the Psy Xray mix. Format: 192kbps MP3, in 87Mb zip package (incl. play-list). BPM: from 143 to 146bpm Play List: Here

New Samples and Loops: grin

Loss less WAV 1.44Mhz/16bit

All below samples are marked “NEW” on this page

| Psy Beat | 146bpm, Beat with Hand drum (House feel)

| Psy Beat | 146bpm, Full On Basic Psy Beat. Fast Bass

| Psy Beat | 146bpm, Basic Psy Beat. light, snappy Bass

| Psy Beat | 146bpm, Dark Bass + Psy Beat.

| Psy Beat | 146bpm, Dark bouncy bass + Psy Beat.

| Psy Beat | 146bpm, Psy Beat w. oriental melody

| Psy Beat | 145bpm, Full On psy beat w. ‘wave synth’ feel

| Psy Beat | 145bpm, ‘Mono Atom’ Psy Beat. Full On

| Psy Beat | 145bpm, ‘Mono Atom’ Psy Beat, Melody Synth

| FX Synth | Staccato electronic arpeggio

| FX Synth | Staccato melodic arpeggio w. delay

| FX Synth | High frequency percussive sound

| FX Synth | Distorted Percussive Synth FX

| FX Synth | Ping Pong Electronic Popping. Reverb

| FX Synth | Electronic Whip w. Rhythmic delay

| FX Synth | Kick drum delay whirl effect

| Synth FX Sound | Nord Modular Rhythmic Analogue

| Synth FX Sound | Nord Modular Alien Voice Areggio

| FX Percussion | Crash cymbal fading into a reverb

| Psy Kick | Mono Atomic. Hard. ‘High’ eq

| Psy Kick | Neo 3. Snappy and deep

QPA on Last FMUfoAcademy growing on LastFM: grin

As always… if you use LastFM and have time to spare you’re always welcome to visit Q.P.A.’s profile. Since I started the new Album there more listeners tuned in. You’re welcome too… QPA on LastFM


Ricky – QPA

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