QPA NEWS :: Alien Face Lift 2012 :: Album Release

Hi there

I hope you had a great xmas and new year holidays.
As start off 2012 I just wanted to tell you that I just
released one new psychedelic trance album + 1 EP

Alien Face Lift 2012

Alien Face Lift Front Cover Art

Listen (full tracks) + Downloads here (mp 320, FLAC):

Alien Face Lift 2012 is an epic story. A one hour musical journey
into a world of well produced, original, mind blowing, intelligent
psychedelic Trance.  Enjoy the clearly defined Alien presence.

Alien Face Lift 2012  presents mind teasing sound and samples
with melodic, bubbling synthesizers and suggestive psy-kicks. One
of the best produced albums made by QPA, no doubt.

More soon (as I have another EP ready on the shelf, soon out too)
And, of course, loads of free samples and loops on coming….


I wish you a great 2012 with loads of love and peace.
Cheers and a big BoooM Namaste
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