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Dear member, alien citizen,

Big welcome to all new subscribers to qubenzis.com. And equally big thanx to you who still follow the evolution of this insane psy project.

I’ve been busy finalizing for the release of the new Album and EP. In spirit of the good old "try before you buy" concept, and as an honoured member with the site, you qualify for FREE MP3 downloads of all tracks (see below).

If you really like a song please consider buying it in high resolution WAV, FLAC or MP3 320kb. Like that you sponsor the website, more music production and more free music.

EP – Alien Inspiration
Alien Inspiration EP Cover
Album Data
Name: Alien Inspiration Neo Goa inception
Artist: Qubenzis Psy Audio
Time: 39 min
Label: LUA Records
Catalog No: LUARCD023
Release Date: 12/03/2012
Buy CD: Lua Records Store

Alienature @ LUAR Studio (UK/Portugal) http://www.trancemoon.com

The anti-industrial adoption of advanced electronic music technology for the healing of a planet gone insane.

Psychedelic patterns, rhythms and melodies in a sonically detailed production inspired by the Goa psy music concept. Though, of course, with a good blend of QPA’s original sound. Complete Description (Trancemoon Forum)

01 – 8:02 min 144bpm – Spread The Word
02 – 6:57 min 141bpm – Confirmed Alien
03 – 7:57 min 144bpm – Another Alien Creature
04 – 8:24 min 145bpm – Second Inception
05 – 7:32 min 145bpm – First Drop

Free Download, Full length tracks (qubenzis.com members only)
Free Samples MP3 128kb

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Album – Alien Face Lift 2012
Album Cover - Alien Face Lift 2012 Album Data
Name: Alien Face Lift 2012
Artist: Qubenzis Psy Audio
Time: 59 min
Label: Qubetech.net
UPC: 885007276838
Release Date: 01/01/2012

Qubenzis Psy Audio

QPA invites for a musical journey. Alien Face Lift 2012 is an epic story. A one hour musical submersion into a sea of well produced, original, mind blowing, percussively intelligent psychedelic Trance.

Samples from documentaries with researchers investigating reality regarding our true origin and purpose here on Earth. The music offers an audioverse filled with melodic, bubbling synthesizers and a clearly defined Alien precence.

1 – 9:10 min 142bpm – Synchronicity By Design
2 – 7:45 min 143bpm – Breakfast on Sirius A
3 – 9:18 min 143bpm – Ark of the Covenant
4 – 9:23 min 146bpm – Twisted History
5 – 8:19 min 144bpm – Banana Republic Earth (Life on Mars)
6 – 8:43 min 142bpm – The Ant People
7 – 7:06 min 143bpm – Liquid Impressions

Free Download, Full length tracks (qubenzis.com members only)
Free Samples MP3 192kb

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2K12 – 33 Arpeggios Pack (preview all in Store)

New Mini Samples Pack with a few synthesizer arpeggios. Here are the free versions. Enjoy!

Free Downloads from this pack (WAV)
Download | Arpeggio FX Saw Stab Loop
Download | Arpeggio FX Banana Melody
Download | Arpeggio Saw Wheezy Eastern Feel
Download | Arpeggio Synth Banana Melody
Download | Arpeggio Synth Arpeggio Trance
Download | Arpeggio Saw Dark Elf
Download | Arpeggio Popping Analogue Synth
Download | Arpeggio Melodic Synthesizer
Download | Arpeggio Melodic Delay
Download | Arpeggio Banana Octave High Pitch

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Can be used as loops or whatever you fancy. Creative Commons Sampling +1 Licensed. Read the complete License here

2K12 – 22 Touch Up Pack (preview all in Store)

This pack is included for FREE with the 33 Arpeggios and the 38 Psy Loops Sample packs.

Free Downloads from this pack (WAV)
Download | BASS Dark Long Note Ambience
Download | Synth FX Mellow Bell Sprinkle

More free samples from this pack on coming

Mini Samplepack 22 Touch Ups
Preview all in Store
2K12 – 38 Psy Beat Loops (preview all in Store)

A bunch of psy beat loops extracted from QPA’s 2012 production. Free samples from this pack will soon be available. All loops are available for Preview in Qubenzis Download Store

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2K12 – 3 Packs Bundle (preview all in Store)

Get the three sample packs mentioned above in one Bundle offered for a ridicolous price. All together 93 Samples adding up to 169Mb audio.


2K12 Sample Packs Bundle! 3 in One
Preview all in Store
Featured Posts

VIDEO :: Synchronicity by Design
The first track on the Alien Face Lift 2012 album. Visualized Psychedelic Trance. Full length nine minute track

VIDEO :: Alien Inspiration Neo Goa Inception
5 X 2 minutes from each track = 10 min visual video story. EP Mini mix!

Progressive trance Live set
With dj Cora the Explorer (au) :: 1 hour Video by Onlinedoof Project. Enjoy!

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List of +30 different websites
where they offer VST synths (and more) for FREE. Electronic Producer Resources! Follow the link on the page. Enjoy!

Mixcloud Psytrance Mix by Psy Ras
40 minutes of twisted psychedelic listening pleasure. By Psy Ras (es)

REVIEW :: 21 Of The Peach Tree’s Best Tracks
Album by Angus Maiden (au) (indie/electronic/rock)

Album Review :: Approaching Orbit by Cyborg music
An imaginative voyage into the world of Psy-Music with emotional
and dreamy ambience. Latest album from Cyborg Music (ar). 3 free promo tracks

VIDEO :: Banana Republic Earth
[Life On Mars]. Melodic Psychedelic Full On Morning Trance by QPA

Best Wishes,

Ricky .::QPA::.

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