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QPA News! 25.02.11
1) General Site News
2) New Download Store
3) New Sample Pack

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Site news

Hi guys,
Thank you for using qubenzis.com psychedelic music website and it’s resources.
This issue of QPA News is to me very special for several reasons. Some of which

— Qubenzis Download Store is officially launched | see it here
— Mega Sample Pack is prepared and ready available | buy it here
— QPA NEWS has clearly passed 7000 freaky subscribers (we’re about 7500)


Resurrected sound pages (mp3 not playing the sample or other errors)
Psy Beat Loop | Forest Funk, 142bpm progressive psy beat
Psy Beat Loop | Elves Funk, 142bpm progressive psy beat

New Free Samples & Sound FX Uploaded
FX Synth | Etnolectric Crisp Reverb
FX Synth | Positively Weird Arpeggio
Kick Drum | High Pitch Analogue Noize “psy kick”
Psy Beat Loop | Progressive, bouncy, deep bass ‘n crisp hand drum
Psy Beat Loop | Progressive, bouncy, without hand drum


Trance Moon Radio :: New releases highlights new artists, Dark and Psy
added to the radio play lists. If you’re a psy dj you can submit a mix too.

Bill Hicks suggestion on how to change the world, right now, to a better ride
Post Updated with videos, colours and a new comment by Footprint (thx dude)

Hey, why do they give away, almost free, those F*$~’*ng iPhones?
Qpa take a serious look at the current mass bombardment of iPhones.


Trance For Nation//004. A gift from Astrix himself. If you’re a friend of him
on Facebook you already got this link. Download from Yousendit. Booom!

New Download Store

Download Psychedelic Trance :: StoreSo what’s this all about?
Well, one day I realized
that LULU.com had raised
the price on all my WAV
tracks to 2.40 € which
freaked me out a bit. And they did this without asking permission to. Worst
of all was that they made it impossible to set low prices on QPA’s music dwlds.
I had it!! Lulu.com has always been a pain regarding selling music.  A com-
promise I’m happy to terminate.

So I scrounged out a free shopping cart script (Opencart, php) and installed
it on the Qubenzis.com server right here: https://store.qubenzis.com/
In the near future other Psychedelic artists will be added too (besides QPA).
I thought the styles (of music in the store) will vary from Dark psychedelic
to Psy Trance and psybient / space out ambient (still with psychedelic feel)

Most tracks will be available in FLAC, WAV and mp3 320kbps (HiFi). It’s
super simple to buy with Paypal. Also if you don’t have Paypal account. Just
pay with most cards directly through the Paypal checkout page. When  the
payment is cleared the client is automatically returned to the store where the
files can be instantly downloaded. Also check out the CD store, various artists.

Do you need help with installing a shopping cart on your server? For a small
fee I gladly help you with setting it up. Just ask! 😎


New Sample Pack


Read All About it here. Special Discount for all who bought Sample Pack 2009

Meta Dawn :: Total Disclosure DemandedBUY the CD!! For Max Sound & Listening Quality
Jewel Case, 4 colour alien cover art.  Only 6$+Shipping
Both albums by QPA are still available in CD format from
KUNAKI CD Store. Instant Worldwide shipping!
Meta Dawn & Subsequent Resonance | Paypal | Not Paypal


More later! Wish you an awesome weekend.

Ciao Amigos y Amigas,

Ricky .:: QPA ::.

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