QPA News 24-12-2012

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Welcome to the DEC 2012 newsletter. We are now over 10,815 members on qubenzis.com. Every day aliens, humans and a few cross-breeds use the website for various reasons.

I wish you great holidays and an awesome productive year 2013. I hope we’ll meet, perhaps at one of the multitude of psytrance music festivals coming up next year.

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Reverbnation Charts for Electronic Dance Music, Spain

Big thanx to you guys, without your support this just couldn’t happen.

H U M A N – H A R V E S T [Single]

Stream Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/qpa-trancelator
Download from
CDBABY: cdbaby/qubenzispsyaudio2
Download from
iTUNES: itunes.com/human-harvest

Human Harvest! Download this psy track from CD Baby or iTunes
A L I E N – I N S P I R A T I O N [EP]
CD incl. Download!!!
BANDCAMP: qubenzis.bandcamp
Downloads, CD
LUA LUA Records Online Store
QPA’s Store qubenzis.com/store/alien…
Alien Inspiration EP Cover
A L I E N – F A C E – L I F T [Album]

CD incl. Download!!! BANDCAMP: qubenzis.bandcamp
Download QPA’s Store FLAC WAV MP3 320kb
FREE 192KB MP3 QPA HOME qubenzis.com/alien-face..

Album Cover - Alien Face Lift 2012
M E T A – D A W N [Album]
CD incl. Download!! BANDCAMP: qubenzis.bandcamp
Download from QPA’s STORE FLAC WAV MP3 320kb
FREE 192KB MP3 QPA HOME qubenzis.com/meta-dawn
Album Cover - Alien Face Lift 2012
Latest Posts

Freesound.org – Collaborative Database (music, audio, FX, loops, samples and more) Excellent web site for free downloads
Do like mr Obushma! Buy Q.P.A.s High Resolution direct Downloads and get the CD included For almost the same price…

Album Review – Psychedelic Room by Cyborg Music – Free Download 192kb mp3 Cyborgs music is contagious and original
Atomgrinder – Clungefunk and Flanbolts (and more tracks). Psychedelic Trance, Full On! These guys never stop to impress..

Festival – Totally Resurrected 2 – 2013 – Koh Kong (Cambodia) – Live acts and dj’s. One week!

Promising psytrance party in tropical paradise..

If you have Facebook check out DJ BIOFAS PSY ART COLLECTION
Please contribute! At least if you can. I know it’s hard times for all of us. Your support is the only existing funding for website expenses and music production. Even a small (x-mas) donation or a single track download (99 cents – 1 Eur) will make a BIG difference. Any help is seriously appreciated as it enables me to continue producing, uploading music and keeping the website updated… and FREE Peace – Ricky
To buy Q.P.A.’s CDs! Just order them here (worldwide mail order)
Until next time
Qubenzis Psy Audio
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