Qubenzis Bio – The Brief Version

Qubenzis Electronic Music ExperienceHistory

Qubenzis, the band – was born in the mid, late nineties. Probably acquiring the Nord Modular synthesizer was the real trigger. Entering a world of multifaceted electronic sound shaping. Qubenzis found an original dimension of musical symbolism which is shared with the two new albums XEN BREAKS and Cosmic Embryo Electronica.

Group Members (very) Short Bio

Ricky was brought up in a prosperous late 70’s Sweden well equipped with everything an aspiring musician/composer could dream of. Played in groups since school age. …time warp… At this moment there is a secret member in the group that will be revealed at the proper moment.

Warmed up for NINA HAGEN, in Copenhagen Graa Hal, 1993, with a group called Orosco-Hamilton Project.

Played Bass together (1 public jam session) with Don Cherry (Cornette). This was at an art exhibition opening by the painter Curre Hilfon(swe). The famous Jazz musician who is, yes you guessed it, Neneh– and Eagle Eye Cherry’s father, now deceased. Bless him.

Made theatre music, environmental effects for radio stations and performance groups in Scandinavia. Very Experienced within audio and music technology.

Studio jobs as bass player and keyboardist, rock and electronic music. Played live synth with DJ’s and bands making effect and melodies.

Picked up the DJ hat, mostly to create a platform from where to present Qubenzis’s originally produced dance music (techno, electronic, breaks, trance)

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