Red Buddha – Tibet Trance Feat, by Lenny Mac Dowell – (Album Review)

Tibet trance CD Cover, click to LightBox This album is in my taste awesome. When I listened it the first time I thought it was a little bit slow in progression. But after a few times listening I realized that the genre I expected was Trance music not ambient or chill out. Well, this album is both.

Most of the tracks start with an environmental ambiance with sounds from daily life in Tibet like monks chanting or the noise from a typical marketplace, animal or nature sounds.

The tracks mesmerizes the listener with bass-lines, percussion loops and melodies that very slowly ascends from the background ambiance into a ‘full on’ Trance/dance theme.

Tibet Trance Feat. Lenny Mac Dowell|Here you can listen to excerpts and buy tracks|

I tried some of Red Buddha’s tracks on the dance floor (as a DJ) and it worked surprisingly well. Since the music is very profound in its nature it created an irresistible feeling for following the beat with the body, building up and up…

If you listen to excerpt mp3’s from this album remember that the songs are long and therefore won’t reveal all the hidden (psychedelic) ambiance just by hearing a snippet of the song.

  • Artist: Red Buddha, Lenny Mac Dowell
  • Release Date: 17 October 2000
  • Genre: New Age, Trance, World
  • Styles: World Fusion, World
  • Label: Blue Flame / The Orchard


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