Subsequent Resonance :: QPA :: 66 min, 8 track Album :: Psychedelic Trance

..::> The Subsequent Resonance <::.

Album by QPA! 66 min, 8 tracks solid psytrance. The style ranges from Dark chill to Full On Psychedelic Trance. This is about what happened a very long time ago when scientists mixed the genes from the Alien green species with a hairy stomping mammal’s. Enjoy!

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Album Name: The Subsequent Resonance
Artist: Qubenzis Psy Audio (QPA)
Time: 1 hour 06 min
Tracks: 8
Release: Oct 19, 2010
UPC: 3661585490876
Label: EML Recordings

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Track List

01 – 07:54 146 bpm 5D Vortex
02 – 08:05 144 bpm Alien Stomping Through Town
03 – 06:36 147 bpm Psyconscious Explorer
04 – 08:20 143 bpm Beyond Perspective Remix 2010
05 – 07:59 144 bpm Other Intelligence (Psyrobics Remix)
06 – 11:07 145 bpm Perpetual Propulsion Air Remix 2010
07 – 09:33 146 bpm Random Elves
08 – 06:59 142 bpm Technology Follows Consciousness (Dub)

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“Alien Space Hippies! 2012 Was Only The Beginning”
Subsequently the first Alien Space Hippie was born. A highly sensitive and very sentient humanoid life form that compulsively resonate to any type of shaman beat vibrations! This ancient mutagen species is now spreading very fast through our galaxy. They usually travel in large star-ships exploring new planets for where to spread their culture. It is rumoured, among other stories, that by 2012 the Alien Space Hippie species will have completely taken over most vital functions and the complete infrastructure on one of the peripheral planets in the Milkyway Galaxy called Gaia (also named “Earth” by some of its later planetary cultures).

.:: What EML Label said (sort of) ::.
Qubenzis Psy Audio (QPA) is a psychedelic trance music project by musician, producer and dj Ricky Maard, Sweden. He is a master tactician when it comes to production, leaving no stone unturned in his quest to produce only the finest quality psytrance. QPA’s style could also be labelled as progressive psytrance and sometimes bordering towards dark trance. QPA is the epitome of a producer that really puts his heart and soul into the music, and it shows! – Jayz, EML Recordings

Subsequent Resonance by QPA - Alien Album art 

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