Sylph, Sylphs – Third and fourth dimensional areal planetary elementals

CloudsThe Sylphs coordinate weather, climate, forest growth, forest fires, land animal migrations, bird migrations and the dissolution of static magnetics (Dor) in the atmosphere. (quote)

They are INTRA-dimensional existing in both the third and fourth dimensional densities.

Some believe crop circles are created by them in order to warn (remind) us humans about quitting certain destructive behaviors undermining the planets spiritual, ecological and physical harmony. (see this article)

straw colored mantisHistorically the ‘Wind-elementals’ or areal ‘nature Devas‘ (other names for them) have been around for as long as we can remember. Consulted by aboriginal shamans (rain-dances etc.) in order to effect the parts of reality which they are taking care of.

Paracelsus defined the term “sylph” as: “Any of a class of mortal, but soulless, beings supposed to inhabit the air.” While modern writers and serious researchers like DR. Jaques Vallee connect the ancient presence of the ‘Sylphide’ and fairies with modern interpretations of the UFO evidence.

long tailed sylphSylphs also gave name to:

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