T-shirt, hooded sweater – Reptile Alien Head DJ. Originally from album cover art.

Alien Psyreptoid DJ! T-shirt, Hoodie

Reptile Psy alien dj design

This reptile alien image was created in photoshop based on the “original” alien face I posted here. Psyreptoid DJ was used as cover art for “Alien Inspiration – Neo Goa Inception” (LUA Records 2011) a psychedelic trance album by Qubenzis Psy Audio

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Reptile Alien dj with headphones - by QPA

Reptile Green Alien Design

Design © Reptile Green Alien DJ Design. Classic Logo for Qubenzis Psy Audio Apply on any product

Hoodie - Reptile Green Alien DJ Music Lover


T-shirt - Reptile Alien DJ Music Lover - Green eyes!

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