Updated: The band called “Assassins of God”, San Francisco 1987. We had a great time together!

Assassins of God Album cover - Technological Mythic Limbo1992 Bonzen RecordsThis was the ‘pre Qubenzis’ era. A time when Rich traveled around discovering the world . The motto was – Reunite with the many friends one haven’t yet met (in this life time).

However, arriving to San Francisco he first spent a short two weeks with this beautiful Chinese/American x girlfriend of his that he encountered in Copenhagen the previous year. They where still friends though both realized that the ‘romance’ definitely was over.

As it happened a Danish theater performance group calling themselves ‘Next Stop Nevada’ (see the Notorious Bio of Qubenzis’s) was visiting S.F. making their last performance in the U.S. before returning to Denmark.

Since Rich was the composer and producer of the sound track used during the performance it obviously was a time for celebration, reuniting with friends from overseas. After the play was over, which was performed at Berkeley University, near Oakland, he subsequently went with the artists and actors visiting their temporary hangout which was a collective (alternative community) outside the Mission district, S.F., called ‘The Farm‘.

Album cover - On The Beach 1992The natural development was that Rich moved over to the Farm for a while (5 months) spending time there helping out with the dissolving communities activities. Dissolving in the sense that the landlord as well as the S.F. Town hall had decided for the discontinuation of the ‘ The Farm experiment’ which closed down entirely later in 1987.

One of the Punk/Hardcore groups who performed and spent their time in the community was The Assassins Of God. Div (voice), Kenny (guitar), Bruce (drums), Ellen (bass) and not to forget the guest appearing artist called Tracy with her heartbreaking poesy about incest and maltreatment of children (bless her).

Well, they all became dear friends of Ricky. We even had one or two jam- sessions together in their practicing local downtown S.F., where Rich got to show off his talented bass playing. In short; they had a great time together.

There was the occasional Punk and Reggae festivals during that summer that had to be taken care of. They took place in the big assembly hall of The Farm. They arranged food, ticket sales, door guarding which included keeping the then wild Skinheads of San Francisco out from the premises.

When they later toured in Europe, in the early nineties, he had the honour to house them a couple of nights in his self made house, Christiania- Denmark. Another reunification worth remembering.

Download songs from their  Album ‘No Music Tonight/Pink Song(1992)‘ |From this site|

3 thoughts on “Updated: The band called “Assassins of God”, San Francisco 1987. We had a great time together!

  • Hubert says:

    yeah I loved them too
    it is so pity that not many people remember them
    anyways they will stay in my heart forever

  • Chris says:

    Great Band!!! I also remember the Album Jupiter Ox revealed (illegal Alien, Water, …) and the Pink Song/ No Music tonight Single.
    Greetings from germany …

    • QPA says:

      Agreed.. Excellent musicianship. Bruce’s drumming and Kenny’s guitar playing was awesomely skilled. It would be nice to know If they’re still playing somewhere, in some band… he he…

      Boom from Spain

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