Thoughts on sound

As any physical or spiritual object
sonic vibration destructs and creates in the universe of matter and beyond. In the process of controlling sound we manipulate a vibrational instigator effecting any- and everything it comes in contact with.

In the wave spectrum chart sound covers it’s own domain as well as light, x-rays or any other field setting molecular structures in motion. Sound carries information. Sound carries light. Sound effects light.

The primal rhythm for us humans is the heart. The heart beat is the first sequenced beat we come in contact with (in the material plane) and it will remain with us through our whole life. Though most people usually spend most of their lives in an environment far to noisy (more sounds) for being able to hear their own heartbeats.

Even thoughts do produce virtual sounds that can be heard and reproduced by the listener. The noise/volume level of thoughts can be enough to distract the listener from ‘hearing’ external sounds in the outer subjective world.

Qubenzis Sonic Tek Experience

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