UfoNaut Extra Territorial Full On Psy Break Beat Track. Free download MP3 192kbps

Ufonaut Extraterritorial

Ufonaut is an older track by qpa re-released in most download stores under the name Ufonaut Extraterritorial as part of the maxi called Flat Out 2. You can use the music player below to hear the full song. Enjoy

Song Info

  • Song Name: UFONaut Extra Territorial
  • Artist: Qubenzis Psy Audio
  • Length: About 10 min
  • Tempo: 141bpm
  • Style: Break Beat, Psychedelic
  • Cover Art (members only): Alahuin

Free Download

As a member of qubenzis.com’s website you’re qualified for a free download of Ufonaut Extraterritorial (192kbps mp3 format). The zip includes the old cover art based on 3D graphics created by Alahuin. Please login / Register (free) before downloading.



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Click player to hear full track

Samples used

  • Alleged air force (US) communications on the O’Hare U.F.O. incident jan 2007. (Could be a fake, but it sounds really cool).
  • TV news comments (US) on a Mexico air force u.f.o. encounter made public 2008.
  • A kick sound from Carnivore Adaption. It’s used backwards (reversed) and creates the ‘typical’ inverted kick feel really good. The sound file is licensed under Creative Commons Sampling + 1.0

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