Xen Breaks – Album by Qubenzis (2005 – experimental)

Xen Breaks beat
Besides the historical value and a few good ideas popping up here and there the Xen Breaks Break Beat album offers experimental, often linear, mesmerising tracks. The style varies between break beat, electro, techno and experimental. Highlights would be the songs called Perceptional Enhancer (Break Beat) and Xen Zoo(Techno like). As well as OAK and The Electro Break Phile which are two very original and deep tracks. For more info on this production please visit our CDBaby sales page for individual downloads of all songs.

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Track List


10:10min, 140bpm: Psychedelic break beat funk. Extremely energetic ethnically undefinable ultra funk! Based on a forceful ‘no mercy’ sometimes crazy break beat. A catchy, just about normal, bass line carries most of this track. Loads of effects.


02 – 23 Flow (This Late)

07:35min, 140bpm: Deep bass/kick ‘mono rhythm’. Cool and sub-bass break beat carried by frequency modulated soundscape.


03 – Easy Wate (The Current)

07.26min, 140bpm: Fluid ‘wall’ or ‘carpet’ type track. One repetitive riff walking the listener through a forever transforming ambience. Carried by an easy going break beat.


Break the Assimilation

04 – 07:06min, 140bpm: Relaxed, deep and sparse bass line on top of a somewhat energetic break beat. Like traveling through a sound-scape on top of a big animal.


Perceptional Enhancer

05 – 10:28min, 140bpm: Starts of with a minimal and clean sounding break beat accompanied by a Clavia Nord Modular sequencer eating itself into your brain. Eventually the track transforms into a very dark analogue drum n bass feel. Sample starts just before the transition.


The Electro Break Phile

06 – 04:55min, 140bpm: The sequenced synth sound that carries this track they already experimented with in the late eighties, but they didn’t have the technology to really bring it anywhere… Nord Moduar has (That’s one opinion, you may have yours).



07 – 06:03min, 140bpm: Techno/break! The merciless adaption of a Clavia Nord sequencer mixed with a steady back-beat. Takes a freaked brain to eat this, sort of.


08 – Break The Flow

04:58min, 140bpm: Suspension between two different states of feeling. Like getting stuck in a mood and realizing that it’s possible to remain like that, for a while. Repetitive riff changing soundscapes


09 – Cool Chabda

Easy going nearly happy bass line on top of a straight 4×4 kick. Spiced with electro like sounds and a sweepy string/ambient ‘carpet’ to settle the party


10 – Transcientific

07:17min, 140bpm: A journey into some very artificial sounds belonging in a rave environment or similarly spacious hangouts. Specifically created for LOUD SPEAKERS ))))) ) ) ) ) ) )


11 – Xen Zoo (The Only Requirement)

05:44min, 140bpm: To soft for being hard tech, yet the Xen Zoo kick is quite a serious experience. Would keep most dance floors busy for more than a moment. Have some dark, eerie sounds, just hear able throughout the song

Xen Breaks. The Break Beat Album Cover Art

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