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MEXC services over 10 million traders in more than 170 nations and areas in the world. This magnificent achievement is a significant milestone, and MEXC aims to become the go-to platform for new traders and experienced investors as they move forward in their financial journey.

Platform Features…

  • Up to 200X Leverage (Futures)
  • Daily rewards and competitions
  • Trade anywhere with the official App
  • Over +10 million users trading 24/7
  • USDT 5 + 30% on gains per valid referral
  • Full iOS, Android & Desktop Support.
  • Buy, sell and trade your favorite tokens
  • Staking & Mining (various crypto assets)


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You can stake and earn yield on your cryptocurrency assets. It’s possible to choose from various tokens (such as Bitcoin, Ethereum), as well as from Stablecoins. Stake to secure your cryptocurrencies in the DeFi products where you can start viewing the yields from the following day on. There may be differences among individual products, please refer to the relevant terms for details. They let you Stake with two types programs:

1. Locked Savings…

Suitable for traders who want to hold assets long term.

  • Assets cannot be touched during agreed period
  • Suitable for long term investors

2. Flexible Savings…

Suitable for traders who in need of short term liquidity. Get paid while simultanusly having access to the asstets.

  • Transferred or withdraw at any time
  • The assets can be traded while staking
  • Automatically generate yield once activated
Founded in 2018 and soon became known as an exchange of high reliability. The founders of the trading platform are some of the early initiators in blockchain technology applied to the financial sector.


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