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Vimana - Ancient flying vehicles historyStarted sometime in 2005-6. In the beginning it was more like an experiment and definitely in a cradle stage. With time the building of qubenzis.com, QPA (Qubenzis Psychedelic Audio) and making new, better, songs has accumulated into what users now can enjoy. During the year 2007 I started to develop a better sound. Learning more about how to record and produce. Transforming ideas from my mind into ‘reality’ by using my synthesizers and computers. If you want to hear some of the music I made just go here or here

Then I learned more

About how to produce better psychedelic music and web design. So I improved the website script and started to post free loops, samples and songs. This really helped with the over all Search Engine rankings and thereby reaching loads of new people with QPA’s music. I’m grateful for all the positive feedback. The plan is to continue posting free songs and sounds as much as possible

About me

The face behind the alien who run the showI’m Ricky, the human power behind the Alien Qubenzis Project. I was born in Sweden but it’s a long time ago I lived there. Since then I traveled a lot. Making music my whole life I also learned to play different instruments. Especially synthesizer (frequency modulation) and the electric Bass guitar (frethless..)  Also check out my for current ongoing pranks.

The industrial reality

Something in me always searched for nature, solitude and spots where one quietly can contemplate the universe. Now I live in the hills near a small town in south of Spain. It’s from here (or there…) the light is emanating through the vortexes of psyched energy instigated by the QPA music project (Qubenzis Psy Alien).

Your support is appreciated, big time..

It can be tough to keep qubenzis.com floating at times. The time I put in is plentiful, to say the least. Yes I do love it, otherwise it wouldn’t be possible. But the reality is that there are real life expenses that comes along with running a website like this. So here we go again: Sponsor QPA’s music production and website!

Buy CDs, single track downloads (only $1.00) or sample packs. Any purchase really helps the project a lot and definitely inspires continuous creation of more awesome music (much of it for free). Also minimal donations make a huge difference.


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