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anunusualleopard collaboration

In the beginning it was more about an experiment and definitely in a cradle stage. Then, with time the building of qubenzis.com, QPA (Qubenzis Psychedelic Audio) and making new, better, songs has accumulated into what users now can enjoy. During the years I developed a better sound. Learning more about how to record and produce. Transmuting ideas from mind into musical expression by using synthesizers, computers and bass guitar. If you want to hear some of the music I made just go here or here

Current Projects

  • Anunusualleopard: Playing synthesizers (frequency modulation), electric Bass guitar (frethless..) and computer aided sounds with Anunusualleopard, a live improvisational electronic, experimental music project in cooperation with dmcq (aka apollo59).
  • Qubenzis psy audio: new website concept slowly taking shape. As well as two new recording projects, one with anunusualleopard based on new live recordings, and another more drum and bass breakbeat inspired q.p.a production.

Your support is appreciated, big time..

If you like the music you’re always welcome to chip in with any amount, sharing, or buying downloads. All proceeds goes towards furthering the music project and online publishing.
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8-) Thanks for your support
Ricky – qpa