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The most frequently asked questions about If you have additional questions you’re welcome to use the comment field at the bottom of this page. Or use this form on the contact page to email me.

Frequently asked questions about…

  1. Login
  2. Go to this page:
  3. Choose a sound and click the text link called “Free Download” or “Download”
  4. Then you will come to a page looking something like this

    Download Button

  5. In the centre area of the page, right hand side, is a big image button saying “Download” (like the button I show here >>)

  6. Click the button. Hopefully you should now start to download the sound file
Please try this BEFORE contacting me if you get errors when trying to register with

  1. Use Firefox, Chrome, Safari or Conqueror (LINUX) browser to access the site (NOT MS Explorer)
  2. Clear all old browser cookies from before making new attempts
  3. If all else fails send me a message from the website (NOT Facebook). I’ll then email you the login info after I, manually, create a new account for you with the email address you used in the contact form. Please have patience as I might not be available exactly when you contact me.
I’m sure most peoples intentions are good and I can understand if it seems harsh to demand registration for Common Creative Licensed music (though Q.P.A’s songs are ‘normally’ copyrighted). Before I started with the required registration I had between 200 – 500 downloads a day with very few people replying with a thanks and even lesser bothering registering with the site. So I had it. I felt like I was ripped off, sorry. All I currently ask in return is to be able to contact whomever who downloaded my artistic creations. So I started the requiring thing and the plain newsletter at the same time.

By now I can see that only very few ‘required’ registered users unsubscribe the mailing option. On the Q.P.A mailing list are many types of people, including dj’s and a few record labels, as well as quite a few pretty serious artists/producers and creative individuals within the psytrance and electronic music community. After starting with required registration I got less downloads. But since most of the people using this site are who they are I’d love to stay in contact with them (you) for obvious reasons. Like that I can send out updates about new samples, songs and other cool info about psytrance, electronic music production etc.

I’m sure there are sensible arguments for why one should let the music completely free, but I’m not ready for that yet. Though one day, perhaps, it will make more sense to me too. roller eyes

Of course. As a matter of Principe you can easily choose whether any further contact should be possible. Just deselect the ‘receive email’ option or cancel your membership all together just go this page (you must be logged in). You are welcome to sign up temporarily at a later occasion, just for downloading the files you want. It’s okay. Your free choice…
If you have problem with being on the email list you may deselect receiving emails on your user profile page. Just go to this page (you must be logged in) and scroll to the bottom of the page. There you’ll see the ‘receive email’ option.Note, Admin (= me) can always send you an emergency private email as long as the membership is active. But by deselecting the email option you won’t receive any further QPA News newsletter or emails from other users


Download Store

Just go to this page and fill in the form. It is free!
  1. Paypal
  2. Most credit cards accepted. Just follow the Paypal option and use your card on the secure Paypal checkout page (no PP membership needed).
  3. Bitcoin. Fast, secure and handy for you guys who use Bitcoin.

After you submitted the payment on Paypal or our BTC partners website you’ll be automatically forwarded to your member profile with your products available on your member Account Download pagedownloads page

Read our TERMS for more payment details.

Just go to the “Login” page (upper menu) and click the “Lost Password” link. You then must submit the email address you use with your account in order to get the new password emailed to you.
Nothing besides keeping enough records for being able to contact you regarding delivery of your products. Read our Privacy Policy if interested in your data protection and similar inquiries
Read TERMS for most questions regarding shipping and sales policy
  • If you haven’t bought anything neither written any reviews, well, just register again and store your new registration data in a safe place.
  • If you already have a record with Qubenzis Download Store please just send us an email. Use the contact form On this Page and we will sort the problem. Your previous order data or other records will most probably be enough for us to confirm, and reset, your account details.
  1. First you have to login or register with the site.
  2. Then click the “add to cart” button on all items you want to buy.
  3. When ready to purchase click the “Checkout” button in the top menu.
  4. On the checkout page you can make a final choice of what to buy.
  5. Check the Paypal payment option and continue to Paypal checkout.
  6. When the payment is confirmed you will be automatically returned to Qubenzis Download Store.
  7. Your files will then be available from your Account Download page.
No. Most features are accessible to all visitors. However, if you register with us you can take advantage of features like

  • – Write reviews
  • – Add and keep user data
  • – Buy a product
  • – Collect reward points (= free downloads)
  • – Subscribe to News Updates

If you’re unsure regarding your privacy please read our complete Privacy and Disclaimer.

  • Most downloadable products are set for 10 times download. The link will be available on your accounts download page for a minimum of 30 days, unless the 10 downloads are used up already.
  • If you have problems please contact us and we’ll sort you out.
  • Once the order process is completed and you have returned to the download store, select the “Downloads” button on your Account page. Or just Click here to go directly to your account downloads page (requires that you are logged in).
  • You will also get an email notification about your order, including your download link. You may come back to this page any time to download your products.
  • Directly! Unless there are problems with the transaction.
  • You will be informed by email when the product is available
  • And, for the record, we promise to deliver downloadable products within 24 hours, but usually it’s all automatic and the files should be available almost instantly.
Free Lossless Audio Codec (FLAC) is often used by Pro dj’s because of the high sound quality. FLAC is lossless data compression. A digital audio recording compressed by FLAC can be decompressed into an identical copy of the original audio data. Sound files converted into FLAC shrink to about 50 – 60% from their original size. For best free FLAC converter and latest development visit FLAC –
  • Fill in the form with whatever you feel like (the system won’t register unless you fill in something).
  • Your email must be correct and please tell us which country you come from.
  • If you order physical products the shipment address should be to where you want the item to be sent.


Legal Aspects regarding samples and loops

When you buy sounds from Qubenzis Download Store – no matter who produced the music – you are accepting the Creative Commons License Sampling +1 agreement. Read Qubenzis’ complete Creative Commons Sample License to see exactly what you’re allowed to use the sounds for.
No you can’t. Nor redistribute either as a package or as individual sounds. But if you’re interested in reselling any of the products in our store please join qubenzis download store Affiliate Program


More info

If your question wasn’t listed here please contact us from this page

Also read Qubenzis Download Store’s complete
Sample Licenses

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