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Free download page for full songs, dj mixes, loops, beats and psy fx. Each music product listed here contain at least one free sound, track or audio sample

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Welcome traveler! Each of the music download products listed below contain at least one free sound, sample, loop or song. Most of the music on this page is created by qpa, dmcq and snappertronics. Sounds are sourced from our late production line of psychedelic, progressive, cinematic, experimental, ambient, sound effects (FX), songs, beats, breaks etc. Hopefully you find music that can assist you towards your higher purpose.


All samples and loops of ours can be used in your own music production, both commercially and noncommercial. You’re welcome to read’s Sampling Licenses, if you plan to publicly publish your own music creations containing our sounds.


  1. Mark the sounds or tracks you like
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  4. On the checkout page control that you’ve got all the sounds you want to download, then click the “Free Purchase” button
  5. When the free purchase is confirmed you will receive an email with the link to your download(s)

If you have questions regarding the downloads or if you encounter technical problems start with checking out the F.A.Q. page


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Psychedelic Freedom, 8 track album, celebrates our birth right to remain loving, happy and peaceful within, to be in charge of ones own mind... while tuning in to…

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Meta Dawn, 1 hour album full on prog psytrance. Dark chill psy feel with qpa's teasing psy beats and intelligent voice samples. Incl. 2 free mp3 promo tracks.

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Ufonaut is a full on break beat track produced by Q.P.A, re-released in most download stores under the name Ufonaut Extraterritorial on a maxi called Flat Out 2

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Journey flat out into grime basses, deep kick break-beats, engaging synthesized leads, teasing vocal samples and obscure(ish) soundscapes. Get free promo track!

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Flat Out 1 includes phat kicks, accentuated grime basses and break beats in symphony with deep atmos and psyched leads. Music for both listening and dancing.

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A dark(ish) psychedelic chill experience cruising through qpa's original world of psy beats, odd voice samples and subtle melody, bringing a light onto the strangers "path". Downloads available in…

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Alien Face Lift is a hip wobbling, intelligent and melodic progressive psytrance maxi for electronic music lovers and dj's! Buy flac or mp3 downloads here.

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Bassedup, 5 track maxi, includes progressive psy remixes of Air Shuttle 5959, Spiral Connection and three more solid psykick songs produced 4 U 2 enjoy! Downloads available in…

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Analog synth sequencer wav 16bit audio samples. The alien chat loops were recorded with a real life hardware Nord Modular synth. Drop into your DAW

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