Inspired by psychedelic trance and its subgenres

Alien Dharma :: QPA

A dark(ish) psychedelic chill experience cruising through qpa's original world of psy beats, odd voice samples and subtle melody, bringing a light onto the strangers "path". FREE Downloads available in flac and mp3 320kbps.

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psychedelic freedom album cover art

Psychedelic Freedom :: Album by Q.P.A

Psychedelic Freedom, 8 track album, celebrates our birth right to remain loving, happy and peaceful within, to be in charge of ones own mind... while tuning in to some chilled psy beats.

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Meta dawn Album Cover

Meta Dawn :: QPA

Meta Dawn, 1 hour album full on prog psytrance. Dark chill psy feel with qpa's teasing psy beats and intelligent voice samples. Incl. 2 free mp3 promo tracks.

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Alien Face Lift Cover Art

Alien Face Lift :: QPA

Alien Face Lift is a hip wobbling, intelligent and melodic progressive psytrance maxi for electronic music lovers and dj's! Buy flac or mp3 downloads here.

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Cover art :: Bassedup Maxi single by QPA

BassedUp :: QPA

Bassedup, 5 track maxi, includes progressive psy remixes of Air Shuttle 5959, Spiral Connection and three more solid psykick songs produced 4 U 2 enjoy! Downloads available in flac and mp3 320kbps.

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