Anunusualleopard’s most recent release was “Receiver”, the sequel to the “Believer” maxi single. They are currently recording a new series of sounds. Instruments used are electric guitar, digital computer enhanced sounds, synthesizers, electronic guitar effects, no-input mixer frequency modulation

an enclosed envelope. Maxi by anunusualleopard

an enclosed envelope by anunusualleopard

Free Download of single tracks - Or buy full album. Electronic deep ambient soundscape. Enjoy sonic journey created by ananusualleopard.

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Receiver, an electronic experimental collaboration project

Receiver by anunusualleopard

Receiver is played by anunusualleopard. It's their 4'th release with eclectic deep feel electronic ambiance backed by dubish downbeats and cool bass-lines. Based on live studio collaborations. Enjoy FREE download of single tracks - Or buy full album.

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Believer EP cover art for this publication by Anunusualleopard. Released by NCP Records

Believer :: anunusualleopard

Believer maxi by anunusualleopard. 3rd album with electronic cinematic feel downbeat, eclectic highs and deep basses music, based on live studio improvisations.

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