16 Nord Synth FX Samples

Clavia Nord Lead

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A Few Synth Effect Samples

Below you’ll find a collection of electronic sounding synth effects. Weird electro sequencers ranging from noisy to musical. All samples are recorded from my old Nord modular hardware synth. The samples are suitable for various electronic music genres, totally depending on your imagination and reasons for producing music. I know some of the samples where used in video and game production as FX sounds.


Free Download

Synth effect(s) keyboard touchThe high quality audio files, whether 320kbps MP3s or +1200kbps WAV, ensure an absolutely clean sounding listening experience. Each audio file is delivered in compressed zip archive.

The free download links are Linkvertise.com Shortlinks! Since the links are redirected through an advertising page you must follow and click the obvious "Continue" buttons. After a few seconds you’ll reach the "Get Link" button leading to the final ZIP file download. Thanks for your patience. :-)


Free Download Sample / Loop Duration Description Play
MP3 WAV Nord FX 00:55 Astral Traffic Jam Noize
MP3 WAV Nord FX 00:35 Crazy Morphed Sirene
MP3 WAV Nord FX 00:13 Cyber Knights Fanfare
MP3 WAV Nord FX 00:09 Extraterrestial Radio 01
MP3 WAV Nord FX 00:13 Extraterrestial Radio 02
MP3 WAV Nord FX 00:13 Reed Like Reverb
MP3 WAV Nord FX 00:26 Trance Wave Stabs
MP3 WAV Nord FX 00:21 Manual Arpeggio "Classic"
MP3 WAV Nord FX 00:03 Manual Arpeggio Loop 01
MP3 WAV Nord FX 00:06 Manual Arpeggio Loop 02
MP3 WAV Nord FX 00:03 Manual One Shot Arpeggio 01
MP3 WAV Nord FX 00:06 Manual One Shot Arpeggio 02
MP3 WAV Nord FX 00:05 Manual One Shot Arpeggio Delay
MP3 WAV Nord FX 00:31 Melodic Drone 01
MP3 WAV Nord FX 00:28 Melodic Drone 02
MP3 WAV Nord FX 00:23 One Shot Voiceguitar Solo


Clavia Nord awesome synth effects samplesHere below you can purchase the synth effect samples, all in one package. Enclosed audio files are in HiFi resolution ensuring absolutely best listening experience. Wav and 320kbps mp3. Please enjoy and a sincere thanks for your interest. :-)


ZIP: WAV 45.2Mb | MP3 11.7Mb
  • Content: 44.1Khz / 16Bit WAV audio
  • Content: 44.1Khz / 16Bit MP3 audio
  • Mastering: Slightly compressed and equalized
  • Produced by: qubenzispsyaudio

License: Creative Commons. i.e you are allowed to sample, mash-up, or otherwise creatively transform this work for commercial or non-commercial purposes. However, if you plan to publish your works publicly you may want to read qubenzis.com Sampling License