Receiver by anunusualleopard

Receiver, an electronic experimental collaboration project

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Cinematic Deep Dub Beat Elaborations

Receiver brings the listener through various beats. The sounds are influenced by Dub and other experimental electronic genres. A journey segmented into five unique songs created by anunusualleopard. Enjoy their sonic universe of deep beats. Embed yourself in an imaginative almost organic sounding electronically generated atmosphere. The music is performed by dmcq, q.p.a and Snape.

432Hz Harmonics

The songs on this album are the crystallization of several live improvised recording sessions. The listener is emerged into a positive twilight of weird and beautiful generated sounds. Enjoy the dub-ish beats around 100 bpm. Since the music is in the 432Hz harmonics range, it may have an additional calming effect.

Instruments used are no-input mixing desk. Digital computer enhanced sounds. Synthesizers and electronic guitar with a heap of effects. The seriously solid basses are partly played by, or sampled from Snape’s bass lines. Now add a few head turning twisted voice samples to the brew. And we get the receipt for Receiver. This is the somewhat cinematic evolution of, and sequel to, the "Believer" Album by anunusualleopard.


Minimix of all 5 tracks

Receiver free Download

The high quality audio files, whether 320kbps MP3s or +800kbps FLAC are ensuring an absolutely clean sounding listening experience. The audio files are zipped in archives also containing cover art and a description files. All tracks are produced in 432Hz frequency range.

The free download links are Shortlinks! Since the links are redirected through an advertising page you must follow and click the obvious "Continue" buttons. After a few seconds you’ll reach the "Get Link" button leading to the final ZIP file download. Thanks for your patience.


Free Download Links Track Duration Description Play
MP3 FLAC 1. Receiver 06:36 Eclectic downbeat dub
MP3 FLAC 2. Irrefutable 04:48 Nord synths and dmcqtronics
MP3 FLAC 3. Raw Pentango 09:56 Experimental not tango dub(ish)
MP3 FLAC 4. Comic Book Concept 06:53 Simplified archetypes
MP3 FLAC 5. Flying Cats 11:33 Chilled basses based on Snape’ology.


Here below you can purchase the Receiver album in mp3 or flac audio format. All enclosed audio files are in HiFi resolution ensuring absolutely best listening experience. Please enjoy and thanks for visiting. :-)


ZIP: FLAC 285Mb / MP3 87Mb
  • Band name: anunusualleopard
  • Maxi name: Receiver
  • Duration: 39:50 min
  • No input mixing desk: dmcq ( / apollo59)
  • Synths, FX, beats: q.p.a (
  • Bass: Marty Snape (Babadub / snappertronics)
  • Mastering and post production: q.p.a
  • Cover art: Painting by dmcq (
  • Label: Existfour Music (
  • Released: December 25, 2015


Anunusualleopard Receiver. Dub it on Betaport