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an enclosed envelope by anunusualleopard

Free Download of single tracks - Or buy full album. Electronic deep ambient soundscape. Enjoy sonic journey created by ananusualleopard.

Nord Sequencer Samples

Enjoy genuine electronic analog Nord sequencer samples. Free to download wav and mp3 high quality recordings. Suited for music production, sampling and looping.

16 Nord Synth FX Samples

Weird 'n electronic synth effect samples. Recorded from Nord Modular hardware synthesizer. Free downloads of single files or buy packaged. Enjoy!

Receiver by anunusualleopard

Free Download of single tracks - Or buy full album. Receiver is a maxi by anunusualleopard, their fourth release with eclectic deep feel downbeat and cool bass-lines based on live studio collaboration.

Psy Beat Samples

A few psytrance beats in loop format suited for electronic music production. Sounds are free to download in both WAV and MP3. Various styles.

9 Nord Synth Bass Samples

Free download synth bass samples. Produced from old Nord Modular hardware. Basic sounds for sampling & music production. Enjoy! (Buy packed)

Beyond Perspective Remix

Beyond Perspective, a remix of a psytrance song produced 2010 by qpa. You're lucky to find it here since not to many people heard this track. Download the free flac and mp3 versions. Or if you like, buy the tracks. Enjoy!

Amorphous by apollo59

Free Download of single tracks - Or buy full album. A fragment of a visual journey at EastSide Gallery, Belfast, Sep. - Oct. 2019. Cinematic dark ambient by apollo59

Psychedelic Freedom :: Album by Q.P.A

Psychedelic Freedom, 8 track album, celebrates our birth right to remain loving, happy and peaceful within, to be in charge of ones own mind... while tuning in to some chilled psy beats.

Believer :: anunusualleopard

Believer maxi by anunusualleopard. 3rd album with electronic cinematic feel downbeat, eclectic highs and deep basses music, based on live studio improvisations.