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Amorphous… A Travelers Ambiance

A fragment of a visual journey at EastSide Gallery, Belfast, September – October 2019. A musical audio collage bringing the listener through cinematic twilight into dark industrial ambiance. Sounds procured, mixed, cultivated, played and composed by apollo59 (aka dmcq). Some of the included audibles are recycled sounds from improvisational sessions recorded by anunusualleopard. This powerful suite is music for both meditative and active moments of tranquility.

Cover Art

Digitally enhanced image created from a photograph of an artwork by dmcq. A section from the painting called “where the yellow sky of tomorrow meets the robed guitarist”, 2015, oil on canvas.


Free Download

The high quality audio files, whether 320kbps MP3s or +800kbps FLAC are ensuring an absolutely clean sounding listening experience. The audio files are zipped in archives also containing cover art and a description files.

The free download links are Shortlinks! Since the links are redirected through an advertising page you must follow and click the obvious "Continue" buttons. After a few seconds you’ll reach the "Get Link" button leading to the final ZIP file download. Thanks for your patience. In this way we can earn a few Satoshis per downloaded track, while you get to enjoy the music for free. :-)


Free Download Links Track Duration Play (low res)
MP3 FLAC 1. amorph. part 1 16:04
MP3 FLAC 2. amorph. part 2 11:38
MP3 FLAC 3. amorph. part 3 12:54
MP3 FLAC 4. amorph. part 4 12:04


Here below you can purchase the full album in mp3 or flac audio format. All enclosed audio files are in HiFi resolution ensuring absolutely best listening experience. Please enjoy and thanks for visiting. :-)


ZIP: FLAC 232Mb | MP3 123.9Mb
  • Name: Amorphous
  • Artist: apollo59
  • Duration: 52 min
  • Label: Existfour Music
  • Genre: Industrial ambiance
  • Mastering: q.p.a
  • EAN: 4061707269967
  • Cover Art: Painting by dmcq (